Friday, 25 November 2011

New Treats for us.....

Although not for sale, I thought I'd show you some lovely things we've picked up from the sale room lately.

Both were broken and no one else bid so we picked them up for a song. Hubby took them home and within an hour both were repaired.

Little writing bureau

Barley Twist Gate Leg Table

Little by little we are finding little pieces of furniture in keeping with the age of the property. The next task is to find an old oak kitchen table to replace our [now inappropriate] blonde Ikea one!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Drum Roll.....

Friday's auction approaches.... Will I find anything cute to display on this blog? Who knows..... wait and see...

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Vegetable Dish

So pretty.

My very first item for sale is a little vegetable dish with its own plate. It is made in England but I'm sorry, there are no markings on the dish or plate although the dinner plates that came with the dish, (which I'm keeping.... sorry) have this emblem stamped on them.

A beautiful addition to your own pretty crockery. The pattern is an unusual autumnal brown. The plate measures 24cms and the little tureen is about 13cms high and 20cms long.

Click on the picture of the dish or emblem to be magically transported to my shopping page. Thank you..

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Crockery should be mismatched. So much more fun.......

We break or lose or damage so much in a lifetime.....

In previous lifetimes too, ages before ours, others broke family porcelaine, wedding gifts or longed-for dinner sets and, feeling saddened that there were now less plates or cups or saucers or that the cutlery canteen was two knives short; the entire set was given away, sent to the charity shop or auctioned.

I rescue crockery and spoons and other things that take my fancy. Nothing perports to be anything other than pretty. I don't sell antiques, (though I might accidentally.) I don't sell collectors items, (though I might accidentally.) I just sell pretty, recued things; things that are good for gifts or things that are good .......for you.

Happy perusing. You are most welcome.

*Some items featured in the blog photographs may already be sold...... or owned by me.....